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Investing in People


OZON has a Career Management process open to the participation of all employees.

In order for a person to plan his own career:

  • “Career Plan Preparation and Implementation Guide” is accessible to all employees and guides step by step.
  • Personal development programs are designed.
  • Employees are encouraged to make project proposals, participate in projects and manage projects.
  • Training programs that support development areas are implemented.
  • In-house coaching is provided.
  • All promotions take place according to the progress shown in the career process.


  • All employees take basic trainings.
  • Process improvement projects are carried out as a team.
  • Team leader development programs are implemented for blue-collar employees.
  • Through kaizen studies, direct participation of the people who perform the work in the improvement works is ensured.
  • Programs are implemented in order for the employees to gain “multiple skills” and improve their competencies.

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