Ozon Tekstil

Innovative, Flexible, High Quality
Garment Manufacturer

We are exporting to 10 countries including Germany, France, Australia, Denmark and Spain.


57,000 m² production space

4 million pieces per month

2,5 millions piece cutting

1,2 millions print capacity

Production capacity in all order sizes

E-commerce production


Sampling room with 500 piece monthly capacity

In-house Design team

Collaborations with design agencies

Business intelligence integration in all processes

Quality and Social Compliance

Member of SEDEX

Quality validation by certified experts before shipment.

What We Are Doing?

In our ongoing journey in the Textile and Ready-to-Wear sector; we have become one of the best ready-to-wear suppliers in the world by doing better every day.

We have come to the present day by continuing our way without deviating from our founding mission, and we are moving forward with stronger steps to the future.

Our deep-rooted history, the brand strength we have achieved, the fact that we are a world-class practitioner of visionary, innovation and lean phenomenon in textiles strongly support our claim to pioneering and leadership in the industry.

One of the issues that we attach the most importance to in terms of sustainable competitiveness of our group in the textile and fashion sector is our technological infrastructure supported by ERP, Business Intelligence and RPA applications, which have become a must of our time now.

As always, our greatest strength will remain our deep-rooted corporate values and dedicated employees who allow us to look to the future with confidence.

CPO: Seda Dışlık

m² space
cut per month
capacity per month

News from Ozon


Ozon Tekstil has the most experienced professional approaches that are effective in the continuous growth and success of its business partners with its deep geography knowledge and product range with a strong and talented team. Our aim is to be a global business partner of prestigious international brands thanks to our expertise that respects ethical, social and environmental responsibilities. We are specialist in jersey clothing categories, weaving and flat knitting. We offer added value products and solutions with a capacity high-skilled sampling room, we can create 500 styles per month.


We consider all management processes by surrounding them with lean approach. Through Enterprise Resource Planning, we aim for operational excellence with the quality control system and related technologies. Our sustainable quality system is constantly improving through internal / external audits and training.

Our product knowhow, pricing architecture, flexible
production capability and shorter delivery times in the global fashion market are our differences.


Ozon Tekstil Üretim

Our Factories

We have three factories in Sivas with a total closed area of  more than 57,000 m². Our factories are certified by Organic 100, Sedex, Global Compact Union and Confiance Textile.


Ahmet Turan Gazi OSB Mah. 18.Sok. No:5, 58050 Sivas Merkez/Sivas

+90346 502 04 24


Ahmet Turan Gazi OSB Mah. 18.Sok. No:5, 58050 Sivas Merkez/Sivas

+90346 502 04 24