Ozon Tekstil

Message from General Manager


Ozon, thanks to Turkey’s geographical location, proximity to the market and trained workforce understands customer expectations. Over the years; based on sincere communication with its customers and tailoring business models according to customers, Ozon has succeeded in realizing its vision of growing apparel exports.

Our entire strategy is based on serving our customers at optimum prices, on time, in a way that ensures quality and social compliance.

Our cornerstones to achieve this goal with a solid-based approach; process excellence with lean manufacturing and management, investment in career, quality and social compliance, design and innovation. Supporting these with business intelligence applications is indispensable for our age.

My long experience in the industry has taught that no strategy can be implemented without competent people. For this reason, my priority is to systematically invest in the professional and personal development of all employees and to strengthen the position of women in business life in this sector where female employees are concentrated


Investing in People

I think that one of the biggest factors of success of an institution is investment in people.


Business intelligence and robotic process automation are the topics I follow the most.

Process Excellence

I care about taking any action that will increase efficiency and perfect the processes with courage.