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Ozon Textile

Ozon Textile was established in 2000 for produce tricot, then it began to operate in the wowen and knitting groups.

In order to increase its production capacity Woven Garment Factory opened in Sivas in 2005; Knitting Garment Factory production was commissioned in Sivas in 2006. The storage capacity of the Sivas Factory and the number of bands, expanded by investments in 2011. Istanbul Logistics Base was founded the same year with an increase in production capacity. .

It produced 27 million units of products in 2014 by the  %100 of growth volume until 2013.

Turkey's largest industrial enterprise determines the ISO Second 500 List has risen to 15th place from the 221 ordinary in 2013; it achieved to take place in ISO First 500 List in 2014.

What We Do?

One of our basic strategies is to aim perfection in our supply chain management. Regardless of the production volume, each of our production processes begins after we calculated the best supply chain strategy for our customers. For a proper manufacturing practice, our biggest assistants are experience and technology.